Doing business in Victoria and Nanaimo

What You Should Know About Opening a Nanaimo Marketing Agency or Victoria Marketing Agency

Nanaimo and Victoria are unique places. You will not find anything like them anywhere else you visit. If you are looking to start up a company in these areas you will want to keep a few things in mind.

As a business owner you will want to know your area. Most tourists to the area will expect you to know directions to popular destinations. You should keep maps of the area available for the use of your customers.

You will want to know your customer base so that you can supply products or services that will be used by the locals even when it is not tourist season. Also be aware of the tourist season so that you can stock your shelves accordingly.

The attitude of your store will affect the direction of your business.  Most businesses that are in the area that are successful have a good balance between how well they know the local versus how they accept the tourists. You have to learn to recognize the difference between the two and learn names to go along with familiar faces. Your personality will help you to go a long way in the area.

The basis of a successful business fails on your attitude towards the clients that flow in and out of your business. You will see that the better your attitude the further your business will go, this includes all the people that work for you in your shop.



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Where To Find Funny Videos Under A Minute


How do you spend your free time? If you’re like millions of people across the globe, then you probably watch a lot of online videos when you have nothing left to do. The advent of smartphones and the rise of social networking sites have allowed virtually every person on the planet to upload and share content. It has never been easier to find videos for your entertainment and to help you pass the time. And speaking of time, many prefer watching short videos. The following are a few places where you can find funny videos under a minute.

Arguably the best place to look for short and funny videos is Vine. Some would even say that Vine started this trend. It is a short-form video service which was founded in June 2012. It was quickly acquired by Twitter a few months later. Since then, millions of people use Vine to record six-second-long looping videos. For some reason, such short videos have a massive appeal to a wide range of audience. You can find Vine videos about pretty much anything under the sun.

If you’re a huge social media kind of person, then you can find a lot of videos on your favorite social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just three places which are often used by people to share videos they find on the web. Facebook recently announced during the release of their first quarter earnings of 2015 that they get around 4 billion video views daily. That number is jaw-dropping. You can only imagine how many videos you can find on Facebook and other social media sites.

When using social sharing platforms, there are things you can do other than waiting for your friends to share funny videos they have found. It is a good idea to search for pages which are specifically dedicated to sharing hilarious videos. Just do a quick search for “funny videos” and similar terms and you should be able to find tons of pages. Facebook will even recommend suggestions once you have joined a few pages.

And of course, YouTube must be included in any discussion about online videos. YouTube is far and beyond other video sharing channels on the web. It continues to amass gigantic numbers. You can subscribe to channels of your favorite uploaders and get updated through email about new videos. You can find tons of videos under a minute and even longer ones if that’s more your style.

Online video is the new trend, as evidenced by the massive stats pertaining to video views from various online platforms. Use the tips mentioned above and you should have no problems finding entertaining videos to watch to pass the time.

While you you’re here check out this link from Video Dig

awesome videos under a minute

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Haircut Franchise For Men Increases Their Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing, Sport Clips pretty much does it all.  So let’s start from the beginning, the Grand Opening Marketing strategy! Locations now requires all new franchisees to put in a budget of $20, 000 into their Grand Opening ($15,000 for experienced Sport Clips owners). Sport Clips made this grand opening budget change because corporate ran their grand openings on this amount and found that you can reach a breakeven point faster than you could if spending $15,000 on your grand opening budget. Corporate now, actually spend $30,000 on their grand opening budget. No surprise here, they are hitting past break even on a weekly basis even faster now!

A Grand Opening last for 30 weeks in the Sport Clips world. Not just the first week as some might think. If in a highly populated area, most of this marketing fund will be eaten up by direct mailers. These mailers though, are extremely efficient; they are sent to the top 25 mosaic demographics that Sport Clips over the years has collected data on as their “core” customers. Potential clients that would not only use the coupon mailer they receive in their mailbox, but also return repeatedly! Sport Clips markets to males’ ages 18 to 49 years old, but in some area they will go as high as 65 and wiser! Pretty much, if you are a guy and you have hair….this franchise is coming for your business!

After direct mailers, the men’s houston haircut franchise usually goes for other local, community media outlets to put coupons in. Like the local community newspaper, definitely red plum and val pak. These mailers, though not as efficient as the direct mailers, have a wider range of audience to make sure Sport Clips hits as many people as possible. All of these paper marketing strategies run every month. So the client flow stays steady and consistent as much as possible. This is another reason why the grand opening lasts for 30 weeks. Sport Clips goal is to get 2,900 unique clients within the first 13 weeks 4,200 within 26 weeks. These numbers are based off successful grand openings in the past, nationwide. These coupon mailers hit the day before Grand Opening Day. Grand openings are usually on a Friday.

Now another huge marketing success for Grand Openings is the Field marketing coordinator. He or she goes out a week before grand opening day. They have 10,000 free haircut coupons they give out to the local businesses in the area and schools. If you have a great field marketer, you should expect to see a return on those coupons of about 6-8% which may not sound great. Compared to other franchises that give out coupons, this is an awesome return.

The digital side of marketing for Sport Clips comes to play in the arena of Google Ads and Facebook promotions. Depending on the area this too can be very helpful in driving in new clients. Google ads, geo-targeted(only seen by those around your store), usually do the ‘pay per click’ so any potential client that googles men’s haircut and are in your area will see a Sport Clips ad at the top of their search page. If they click the ad…. google charges. Facebook on the other hand is solely in the promoters hands, though Facebook does have a Post Boosting team that can help you create ads and show how to boost for a price. Facebook ads have no limit; you can post content, a picture or a video then “boost” that post.

Boosting means you pay Facebook to promote that post for you, you can tell Facebook who you want to see the post. What area, what age, gender, income and interests! You can promote that post for a month, a week or a day. However much money you put into the ad is how many people will see it. Depending on the area of course, you can reach 1000 people for every $5 that goes in on average. The jury is still out on how effective this is for driving in clients. It definitely creates brand awareness.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Nitti gritty in Sport Clips marketing strategies. Some might say, where the rubber meets the road. We are talking about sign holding, Blow up Sporty custom, wind feathers, chalkboards outside the store. Finding events in the neighborhood, like local little league or pee wee football, soccer. Any type of sporting event with schools, elementary, junior high and high schools.  Any and everything that will get your local community, neighborhoods attention. Get involved is the name of the game! The more you show people in the community that you care about their lives the more recognition your business will get and therefore more clients that will be driven in. Get the kiddos in and the dad’s will follow! Another big marketing strategy is a coupon they call the buddy card. It is up to the stylist to promote these coupons. They give them to each and every client that sits in their chair. Essentially, the buddy card is an incentive. The existing client that receives the card is asked to give it to his buddy. The client, in most cases the stylists writes his name on the buddy card. The client gives the buddy card to his buddy. The buddy receives a free haircut! When the coupon is redeemed the stylist will put in the computer that the client that gave his buddy the card will get a free MVP upgrade! Which is a free shampoo, hot towel and head, shoulder, neck massage. We call this behind the chair marketing. Company also offers client loyalty cards, called the touchdown card or bounce back. If you come in often your card gets stamped and eventually you get a half off or a free  haircut in some cases. This wraps up most of what they do for their marketing strategy. And this is what Sport Clips Houston plans to achieve.

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SEO Tools Of The Trade

When it comes to search engine optimization. There are numerous tools out there to help you succeed. Variety selections depends on agencies needs. Whether you are wanting to run in-depth analytics on the competition or auditing a sites performance. It’s imperative that you have the right tools for the job. Some of the top tools include

  • Majestic
  • Moz
  • SEM Rush
  • Positionly

Majestic is an absolute must for any seo company. Majestic crawls websites for data at least twice per month. Collecting data so frequently allows the company to provide the most detailed and up-to date information on the web. Majestic rates websites on to important factors trust flow and citation flow. Trust flow rates the websites back-links of how trust worthy they are in the eyes of the search engines, this is deemed important. One of the major factors in ranking is trust value it has. Citation flow is the amount of links the website has pointing to it. Most seo experts like say “If the trust flow is lower than the citation flow you want to make sure it is as close as a 1:1 ratio this will keep it most likely not getting penalized and will allow you to typically rank higher”.

Moz is another important weapon in the search engine marketer arsenal. Moz has numerous features. One of the most important ones is open site explorer. Open site allows the ability to check back links like much like the latter, but uses a metrics of DA and PA. DA or Domain Authority ranks websites from a score of 1-100. One being a brand new site and 100 a website like Google.  Moz states the higher the DA the more trust it has in the view of the search engines. Which is typically true most of the time. PA or Page authority is the same as DA except it rates each page.

For example an about page or contact page will have a much lower PA than the home page. Recently moz added a really cool feature called a spam checker that checks links of websites and ranks a spam score of how likely the website is to get penalized. When doing audits, North Texas seo guys us the spam checker to audit client websites that have been penalized. “We can go back and start de-linking the ones that were hurting them”.

SEM Rush is an amazing tool for finding what your competitors are ranking for and how much they are spending on keywords. Knowing this information will allow web marketing companies to strategically look at how effective the keywords their using are working. Having a proper keyword strategy is important if wanting to succeed in seo.

Last but no least. Every company should have a rank tracker. Positionly is the preferred choice for the Texas company They use positionly to track keywords their ranking for and monitor their competitors. By analyzing position a marketer can measure how effective their keyword and back linking strategy is working.

They are many options when it comes selecting tools for search engine marketing, and there really is no right or wrong. What matters is how the tools are used and what goals they are trying to achieve in their SEO marketing strategy.

List SEO tools



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Is Direct Marketing Dead?

With web marketing becoming increasingly higher and higher each day due to the ability to reach the masses with ease. This raises the question, is direct marketing dead?

Direct Marketing is a marketing method that allows marketers to reach business’s quickly through the age old snail mail. This method can be costly though. With paying over 5000 alone to get mailing list for the target demographic. This can be a huge chunk of marketing budget for small business’s. With Google ads becoming used more and more it doesn’t make sense to use direct mail. But that’s not true says veteran marketers.

With the right copy, direct response marketing can still be highly successful for a marketing campaign. I order to achieve great results you have to reach towards the masses.  A number of about 10,000 or more with in your target demographic is about right. Facebook has been successful with ads for quite awhile. With fb ads it allows the business owner to even get deeper into analytics getting a very specifically targeted niche. In conclusion, having a strategic marketing campaign will whether it be direct marketing or digital or even both can be successful with proper market research and outstanding copywriting is what will allow the strategy to get the return on investment that the company is looking for.



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